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Caption This

1 month 2 weeks ago
Each month, we provide a cartoon in need of a caption. You submit your caption, we choose three finalists, and readers vote for their favorite. The winning caption for this month's cartoon will appear in the May issue of Linux Journal.


Carlie Fairchild

Weekend Reading: Raspberry Pi Projects

1 month 3 weeks ago

The Raspberry Pi has been very popular among hobbyists and educators ever since its launch in 2011. It’s a credit-card-sized single-board computer with a Broadcom BCM 2835 SoC, 256MB to 512MB of RAM, USB ports, GPIO pins, Ethernet, HDMI out, camera header and an SD card slot. more>>

Carlie Fairchild

Best Content Management System

1 month 3 weeks ago

WordPress is the Content Management System winner in the 2018 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards.

Note that the contenders were nominated by readers via Twitter. Here's the breakdown: more>>

Carlie Fairchild

Product Review: GitStorage

1 month 3 weeks ago

Petros reviews the GitStorage server appliance, which emphasizes data privacy and security.

By profession, I'm a software developer. Aside from a preferred editor, what matters most to a developer is the use of a Source Code Manager (SCM). So, when a new product comes along featuring my favorite SCM, Git, I had no choice but to spend some time using it. more>>

Petros Koutoupis

diff -u: Speeding Up the Un-Speed-Up-able

1 month 3 weeks ago

Sometimes kernel developers can work in parallel for years without realizing it. It's one of the inefficiencies of a distributed system that tends to work out as a benefit when you have enough contributors to be able to spare the extra labor—it's sort of a "with enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" kind of thing. more>>

Zack Brown

The Linux Journal NSA Weekend Reading List: Tails and Tor

1 month 4 weeks ago

Tails is a live media Linux distro designed to boot into a highly secure desktop environment. Tor is a browser that prevents somebody watching your internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. more>>

Carlie Fairchild